Adjustable cut length
Easy blade tension adjustment
Replacement Blades & Slide Assembly
Replacement blades can simply be slid into the cutter while your blunt blades are being sharpened.
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Welcome to Power Snips

We maufacture and service, our Power Snips, ROOF CAP SCRIBERS which are powered aviation snips with double action and variable cut length to suit most users capabilities .
You can scribe neater and at least four times faster and suffer no dibilitating arm pump like when scribing with hand snips.

The Scribers could save more than 4 hours a day, they may save you up to $1000 a week.
With cheap re-sharpening and servicing,
Quick Adjustable cut length to suit speed and neatness. Easy pivot axle re-tensioner,
Suits most medium battery drills.
A roofing tradesman can easily pick up the extra skill in minutes and enjoy Scribing.

With full back up servicing, sharpening, updating, rebuilding and re-placable Blades
*International customers; please email for freight quote.
Scribe Neat, Fast or Slow
Makita ScribeMaster Brushless
$685.00 ***** Rating Excellent
The Makita brushless is the best drill for the ScribeMaster
Fast low gear 500 RPM for .55 flashings and learning
With tools
(Powersnips ScribeMaster head and drill skin only, no batteries or charger)
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Dewalt ScribeMaster DCD 795 Brushless
$695.00 Rating ***** excellent with tools.
A very good drill for the Scriber with 600 RPM fast low gear for .55 Flashings and learning
(Powersnips ScribeMaster head and drill skin only, no batteries or charger)
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Hitachi ScribeMaster Brushless DBL2
$715.00 Rating **** heavier but powerful with tool. Heavy duty drill.
(Powersnips ScribeMaster head and drill skin only, no batteries or charger)
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Milwaukee ScribeMaster M18BLPD Brushless
$735.00 . Rating *** sounds like an impact driver
Power snips ScribeMaster head and drill skin only, no batteries or charger.
You can adapt Milwaukee batteries to a Makita ScriberMaster
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'Fits All' compact medium drills with a 1/2" drive
$499.00 Rating *** more for handyman
Head Only
Fitting price and case extra $25