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At Power Snips we have designed and developed Powered Aviation Snips. Power Snips are easily argued to be the only true Scribing shears on the market, with scribing caps neater and four times faster than hand snips, with the added bonus of being able to cut rakes, re-cut valleys, rip sheets and cut penetrations, with no extension leads, quick and neat.

We have designed and developed a set of Roofing Shears that replicate most jobs that are achieved with hand Aviation snips, saving your arm from damage, and is faster and neater, especially when scribing in your caps.

Power Snips Ultimate will adapt to most medium size battery drills which will cut as about as fast as any 240v shears on the market.

Working on a metal roof without leads is a real bonus for many reasons.

With 23 CNC machined and laser cut parts and 42 individual parts, the cost of the Power Snips is high, but with the ability of re-sharpening and replaceable blades makes the cost very comparable plus they out perform the others especially when scribing. They should pay for themselves in around 6 weeks compared to scribing by hand.

After the initial success with the 43c scriber we realised that to get more life out the blades and be much more useful and suit the needs of different scribing styles and speed ect., they would have to be adjustable on the cut length [the length of cut on the material in one stroke of the blades] and when the blades fully close, stop at the same place at the tips as you increase the cut length. Over the last 18 months a few quirks had to be removed , this has been achieved in our latest model "Ultimate TSC and SC". The Ultimate Tradesman Scriber Cutter is the final outcome of a lot time and money in refining it, I am sure that you enjoy my dedication when using it.

Power Snips Re-sharpening and Serving station and on the job Help line 0429 919 597. 

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